Friday, 14 March 2014

Day 43, The Million Woman March

Endo 365

Yesterday my family and I, and maybe a few reading this, along with about 150 others marched through London to raise awareness for Endometriosis. What a day.

The Sun was Shining. We were all dressed in yellow head bands, Endometriosis UK t-shits and sashes. It was really lovely and so nice to speak to so many other women who understand exactly what no one else does. Its like the worse in joke in the world !

It was good for everyone I think to feel like things are finally happening, and it is amazing to be part of that ripple, that movement.

We started in the Kensington Gardens and marched for around 3 hours (including lots of toilet and ice-cream breaks) with a group photo and speech from our Chair which actually brought a tear to my cold souled eyes.

I felt liberated at the end of the day, and strangely American- like I wanted to 'woop' and 'hollar' and jump in the air and tell that nazi in my stomach to take a running jump.

Another aspect that makes me so excited about this campaign is that it is not just us in London. Yesterday, world wide, there were 46 countries marching in 53 cities, in all 6 inhabited continents, and in some countries you many not expect. This really was a global campaign to 'Educate, Empower and Effect.' I am proud to announce that these following countries all held marches, what great global strength:

New Zealand
Northern Island
Puerto Rico
Saudi Arabia
The Netherlands
Trinidad and Tobago
United Arab Emirates 
United Kingdom
Unites States of America

Is it just me or is that cool?

Here is a recap of the march on the Endo UK website:

"It was really lovely being among people who know exactly what you're going through and to all be marching towards the same goal."

What we did at the march, making a statement, showing sorority and strength, showing fight, determination and grit, it is something that we probably all do anyway every day. But lets not allow it to stop with us. If you are talking about periods, pain and endometriosis, encourage those loved ones to do the same as a matter of duty and of loyalty. I know for a fact my best friend suze talks to everyone who will listen about my endo and all the shocking, scary and largely funny stories we have accumulated.

I am not saying we talk about the female mysticals 24/7, I am simply saying if the topic arises, do not dispare, blush and avoid the topic. Have courage and speak truthfully. If you believe in what you are saying and speak with courage, you will never look or feel silly, where as if you deliver meekly with awkwardness on your face, it will be contagious.

If you haven't worked out by my occasionally hyperbolic language, I am a thespian (Drama Kid). I have had some fabulous teachers during my education and the last, and I think the best, had a saying. I am going to let you into a secret now. I think about this saying almost everyday of my life; whether I am going on this morning, or conquering a silly fear of which I have many: from singing in front of people or tomatoes (yep the red stowaways in salads).

The saying it this:

'You have just got to break through the twat barrier.' 

By 'twat barrier' I think she means that which lies beyond our comfort zone. Because that is how we feel when we go beyond our comfort zone isn't it? Like a spare dick at a wedding/ scared/ vulnerable/ a bit of a tool. But life is about pushing ourselves, conquering and then claiming new territory for our comfort zone. We owe it to ourselves to push ourselves and achieve things we didn't realise were possible.

My favourite bit about the quotation  is the idea of 'breaking' through, like we are not just dipping our toe in the water but 'top bombing' into it with your phone, your heart and the kitchen sink. Everything is done with the whole of your being, gumption and conviction.

This doesn't have to be a grand gesture, climbing a mountain or sky diving. It can also be things that we as humans find equally difficult; introducing yourself to everyone in the room networking or just talking about periods.

I also like the idea of there being a physical 'twat barrier' opposed to 'comfort zone' because sometimes it really does feel like there is a physical barrier in front of you. But there really is not, it is all in our heads, you can break through.

Indeed, life does not begin at the end of your comfort zone, but life begins when you break through the twat barriers.

And remember, 'anyone who says they are not a twat, is in denial.'

I am doing okay. I am starting to get slightly disheartened because I am still not back at work and am in increasing pain every day and had a full blown pain attack on tuesday, and would have been in A&E had it not been for the stock of strong painkillers I have left over from my operation, my tens machine and mentally ensuring I didn't become panicked but (like a jedi) manipulated my pain and overcame it mentally. Then the morphine kicked in and I started seeing unicorns. But I am happy, well fed and well loved so all is good.

Be smart, be weird and break through the twat barrier every day,

All my love,


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