Friday, 19 September 2014

Day 228, Cherry Picking

Endo 365

A couple of months ago a received a bit of an odd email which if I am honest put me off sharing my blog a little bit, hence why it has been neglected recently. However I have had some very lovely ladies email me to make sure I'm still alive and functioning so this is for you; thank you. I guess in response to the email at the time I wrote this blog and I am going to restart my blog by sharing it with you, its about time I set a few things straight and let you into some secrets.

I am a Cheery Picker; a sales person. I focus on the best things or the most
relevant and put a positive spin on it all. It is in my nature, I am a
survivor and what you read in this blog is an important, but such a small percentage of what composes me.

I choose  in my blog to put the most positive and the relevant things that I
wish to share on the internet for everyone to read, always bearing in mind
that future employers or my grandparents may read it. And that transfers
into my everyday life also. I am aware and very grateful for how good my life is, however there is far more challenges and heart breaks than I allow to be seen in this blog because its not all my stuff to tell, so never assume someone is 'okay' because you only know as much as they are prepared to share- Okay? Lecture over children. Momma loves you. Now go play.

Quite often when I explain to people about my Endo they are genuinely
shocked, as far as they can see there is nothing physically wrong with me, I walk
around full of energy, confidence and idiocy. Because that is me and that is the
impression I want people to have of me. But pending on the situation and
company, I reveal as much or as little as I want to. And I remember the facts
that are important for people to be aware of, and I keep close to me values I do not wish to share either because it is not my place or simply it is unnecissary to do so.

Bear with me, there is a point to this.

You are 80% in control of the impression you give to others. So make it the
best impression. And this applies to yourself and your internal monologue.
If you make simple changes, cherry pick the best things to concentrate on
and think about, change your basic language from neutral like  'how are you?' 'okay' to something positive like 'fantastic'. You begin to cherry pick without realising and thus changing your mindset.

There is far more to my life than will ever be displayed on this blog
because it is irrelevant. My life has been blessed but it has never been
easy, that is why I have conscientiously built my positive and empowering
frame of mind. It is quite simply a survival instinct. You have a choice in life: you either surrender to the chaos, becoming victim to it, or you cherry pick, take control and through strength
of character and will to have a better life (which I believe is in everyone's nature), you are the winner long term. Pre-drug scandal, LanceArmstrong was my hero because of this very reason. His personal philosophies (inspired by Irranaus), revolved around the thinking that evil exists to make you a better, stronger, more driven, kinder, more appreciative and rounded person. And I believe this to be true. Even if he turned out to be a charasmatic lying barstool.

Life if hard enough, things happen in everyone's life that devastate them, but the devistation is relative to their experiences. We never know what will happen in the near or distant future so make the best of the here and the now. It is true that if we were to chuck all of our problems into a pile we would soon take our own back. Because we know that even with those worries and strife's, the world continues to turn and there remains 24 hours in a day. We are still surviving and living and laughing and crying even if we lay worried at night- the point is we survive and supass the daily worries because we just do... And the truth is, no matter how heart
shatteringly awful something is, it will not change those facts. The world will continue to spin, we will continue to respire, and there will remain 24 hours in the day.

We have one life, most of which is out of our control. So the things you do have
control over; grab by the flipping neck and give yourself the best possible
chance because nothing and nobody else will.

Cherry Pick.

Focus on the good- I was speaking to a very interesting lady on my globe trotting this summer and she believed that the main cause for depression is because as humans we tend to focus on the negatives; what hurts in our body, whats going wrong in our career, what is going wrong in certain relationships and friendships. I challenge you to instead focus of what feels good in your body, what is going right with your career, the good relationships you have and beyond preparing yourself, do not give the negative any of your time because it is not worth an ounce of your precious time.

Without cringing,  up sell, put the best spin on your life that you can. I am not telling you to bullshit people and fake who you are, just change your mindself and trick yourself into thinking about your life in the best possible light possible.

I am nearing the end of my Freshers week at university... I shall let you all know how I am setteling in properly another time. It is fantastic and I am very good,

All my love,


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