Thursday, 18 December 2014

Day 320, Allie's Recovery Top Tips

'What you do today is important, because you are exchanging a day of your life for it.' 

Now that is all good and well, but sometimes life take an unexpected turn and the important things now have a different context and adhere to a different list of priorities.

For me in the past, I have had at least prior warning of their comings- but as I said in my last blog; the rug can be pulled at any time and things can change without a chance to prepare. And this can happen all the time with Endo, so here is Allies guide to some form of sanity when life hits a sudden stasis of frustrating stillness. 

This is not an exact science or anything revolutionary, just what works for me. 

I think we all have little routines to when we have some time out when we are not feeling too good. I usually like to start around this time of year with a fire and my puppy around me. 

Anybody who knows me well knows that my film education is practically non existent, which is ironic as everyone I am close to has a pretty incredible (and I really mean the essence of that word) film résumé. I am a self confessed book worm and I have always taken the paper over the plastic. But I have deffinatlety grown to appreciate the art and joy to be found in a good film. So having somewhere you can rent them from or friends who are willing to lend you a bundle is a good start. Also, maybe start building a collection of your own in lieu for if you suddenly inherit a chunk of time. Netflix is also an excellent way of filling time, it is £5.99 a month and has more films and box sets than you can shake a stick at. My problem is that after two years with four ops I have now almost exhausted it! So if you have any fantastic movie suggestions for me please comment below or email me at alice.smith@marrio

My second port of call is obviously reading. I am not going to dictate novels though because I know they aren't for everyone. But keeping your mind ticking is very, very important. It keeps you strong and keeps the mopes away. Whatever interests you, read blogs, journals, interviews, articles about that subject. My boyfriend is not a book worm, but you genuinely, will not find a better read person in the world of cars. His knowledge is so vast from what he is constantly reading that I think he could go into the industry tomorrow and write successfully. And that is from somebody who would never call themselves a reader. It still counts even if it is not Wolfe, even if it is about photography or the best bakes you can get lost in that literary sphere. Also, I find this process rather productive in its own means which always boost moral even when one is horizontal on le settee. I always try and get some form of educational spin when I have time out; earlier this year I informed myself on greek methology and I am passionate about rewiring my brain slightly to be less arty and a little more practical with sciences. I will start in the middle with the romantic astrology. 
I have never been one of those people who spends hour on youtube as, to be honest, after a while I get bored. However it is always handy for a giggle or a cool story. If you read my blog the chances are you will like these three videos (courtesy of Megan, thank you moo):
Likewise, if you have any good clips you'd like to share comment or email! 

Part of the hardest think about this blooming leg is that I feel fine, I really can tolerate the pain, but not being able to wash myself or make myself a cup of tea is driving me insane. I am struggling to fall asleep at night because I am doing nothing,  and my appetite has dramatically decreased because I can only walk as far as anyone will let me before they  bash me down into a wheelchair. But yesterday I made 60 mince pies and I am trying to do as many Pilates style exercises as I am physically capable. With recovery in the past I have always been able bodied but tired. It is important you get as much sleep as possible because it aids a speedy recovery. Also who doesn't like little cat naps? Rest when you need to rest, but when you are able keep a little active. 

Now when I started having time out alllll those years ago I occupied myself reading lots of stereotypical motivational books and quotations in order to start adding some solid, positive functions to  my life, making the best out of my diagnosis and daily situation. I have read more than enough and to by honest, anything I read now just feels like it has been regurgitated and is already already second nature, which is actually a good thing. I cannot believe I am admitting this but I do follow all those soppy and clichéd groups on twitter and Instagram for the occasional one that alights some imagination. If you haven't, grit your teeth and maybe play it a bit America, dig out those cringy guilty pleasure pearls that you received from your hippy aunt at Christmas. It is possible to take ideas and regurgitate them practically into your life and situation. One of the best books I have read on the subject was recommended to me by an old boss (at the grand age of 19) is called 'The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People' by Stephen  Covey, or the bite size version written by his son for teens but is as relevant for everyone if you're on a tight timescale 'The Seven Habits  of Highly Effective  Teens'   ' Its a good place to start your readings. 

Visitors. Now this may vary depending on how much of an introvert of extrovert you are. I am unashamedly an extrovert. And if a day goes by where I do not see an external soul or get out even for 5 minutes, it greatly affects me. It never amazes me how much my mood can be lifted by a natter with a fresh person and a giggle over tea and biscuits. Sometimes I get a bit upset if I (in my needy ways) if I feel like people flake when I have looked forward to seeing them all day, or if people haven't even arranged to visit. But recently I have began to think that it actually starts with me; people cannot mind read and intuitively know that I need their friendship just because they saw a Facebook status about my latest escapade. Give the important people a ring, not a text, explain what has happened and that you would love to see them. With my experience this etches out any chance of people letting you down because you've put them into the picture. If you are reading this as a friend someone, speaking personally, visitors are priceless. I'd much rather an hour of your precious time than a bunch of passing flowers.  

And to all the wonderful people in my life who are so generous with their time, thank you endlessly, I'd rather see you than pretty much anything else.

So  'What you do today is important, because you are exchanging a day of your life for it.' But just because you are not conquering everest does not mean that you cannot make it fulfilling and worthwhile. 

All my love, I hope you enjoy a beautiful, full Christmas and the best of look for the New Year, 

Lots of love, 



  1. I am sorry that you have so much pain. Being a book worm, you may want to consider reading a book by a Medical Doctor about Endometriosis. John Lee, MD was a Medical Doctor that specialized in treating women's issues. He wrote about chemicals that mimicked estrogen that caused Estrogen Dominant Diseases such as Endometriosis, Ovarian Cysts, Breast Cysts, and PMS. The book name is "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause" by John Lee, MD. The book is really not about Menopause, but is really about Estrogen Dominance and the use of Natural Progesterone to treat these diseases.

    The late John Lee, MD maintains that Endometriosis is disease that is caused by environmental estrogens or xenoestrogens. These are chemicals that act like estrogen and stimulate the endometriosis to grow. Here is a website by Tulane University that talks about environmental estrogens.

    Chemicals or herbs in our daily life are in our toiletries and cosmetics stimulate the endometriosis to grow. Even personal care products from the health food store contain these chemicals and herbs. Shockingly, things that are put on the skin go directly into the body like estrogen patches and nicotine patches. Topicals are 10 times more potent than oral xenoestrogens because the oral xenoestrogens are 90% pre filtered by the liver. Whereas, what you put on the skin goes directly into the body. Here is another website that talks about that.

    Doctors say pregnancy stops endometriosis. The late John Lee, MD induced an pseudopregnancy by giving progesterone. It is in the book “What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause”.

  2. That is so so helpful thank you, I will certinly look into those and let you know how it goes XX