Monday, 3 February 2014

Day 0

Endo 365

'The Chrysalis

Today, I am having my endometriosis excised, my fertility tested and a marina coil implanted and the next phase of treatment. 

Today is a privilege. 

When people hear my story genuinely and kindly remark  'how sorry they are' for me, I give them my spiel.

This is my spiel: 

Ultimately, it will not kill me, I am greater than this condition. Also, I am lucky that I live in a time where we are medically aware. Okay there is no cure but If I were born 200 years ago, I would be happily tucked about in a mental asylum having seemingly unprompted screaming fits every two weeks. And if I were born 400 years ago, I would be burnt at the stake for witchcraft. I could be in Syria right now where I would think operating on my endometriosis is at the lower end of their hospitals agenda. 

Thank you for your messages, it has amazed me the essays I have got from people I haven't spoken to in years! Things like this shows who really cares about you, and who are genuine, that is always a good lesson to learn. Today I have woken up positive, strong and fuelled with adrenaline. I go into hospital at 12:30. If I am any state later I aim to dictate to mum a little blog to keep you all informed. 

'The things we fear are not undefeatable by their nature, but by our approach...'

See you at the other side, where I will emerge from my surgical chrysalis.  Plus I am wearing my lucky pants, so the world really is my oyster. 

All my love, 


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