Saturday, 21 June 2014

Day 149, It's My Birthday- A Midsummer Night's Dream

Endo 365

You’ll be pleased to know I am keeping this a short and sweet as possible as the Prosecco is crying for me, and I do not like to leave people (yes, I have just personified Prosecco- it’s my birthday donchaknow) waiting.

Due to having earnt my own money from the age of 12, generally speaking, if I want something, I buy it for myself. And I am proud of that. I am by no means independent but I have never lived off birthday and Christmas money if you catch my drift. So coming up to this birthday I only really wanted (a flight to America... Hint hint, pleasee) and a goat and chicken to be sent to Africa. I have since read some scary articles and have decided against it. So it doesn't look like I will be getting either. 

As you may know, I am the Young Ambassador For the  charity Endometriosis UK. Working with this charity has been game changing for me. Seeing the amazing things it manages to do and the incredible impact it has on women’s lives and their family's has been moving. Unfortunately due to the nature of this disease, youknow, being... bloody’n’all, it is pretty darn hard to fund raise for.  

My Birthday wish is simple:

If you have read any of my blogs in the past and you have learnt something, or you have felt empowered, or it gave you comfort knowing you are not alone, or even if it made you smile, as a token of gratitude, please make a donation to Endometriosis UK, no matter how big or small OR you can text ‘Endo14’ followed by the amount to 70070 (I feel like a presenter on children in need).

I volunteer up to five hours into one blog, and I love love love doing it. It is like therapy for me. However if you do appreciate it (hallelujah), then all I ask for in return is a little birthday present donation for me. Or why not even become a member?

The resourcefulness of this charity never fails to astound me, however as it is not government funded, it really does rely on us.

It’s Saturday, have a G&T for me,

Thank you to everyone who continues to read this blog, and all you beauts who email me,

All my love,

The Birthdaaaaaay Gallyyyy.


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