Thursday, 19 June 2014

Day 282, We Need YOU!

Endo 365
As some of you may be aware, this week is 'National Trustee Week' and as they do every year, The Guardian hold a competition for trustee of the year.
Our very own Carol Pearson has made it very deservingly into the top 5 and we need your vote.
Why vote for Carol? Well, she is certainly one of the most inspirational people I have ever met and I certainly have a lot of time and respect for her, as I do my fellow trustees. It is not for me to tell her story, but endometriosis has definitely changed the course of her life and she acts with such dignity,  strength and grace that you could mistake her for a real life heroine from a Dickens novel. Leeeegit.   Anyway instead of going on like her biggest fan I'll let The Guardian do the talking, here is her bio telling you all you need to know:

                " Carol is a trustee for Endometriosis UK and according to her nominator nothing is too much trouble for Carol - from climbing Snowdon to donning pink knickers. Her campaigning for patient involvement and voice has shaped the charity and empowered people to manage their lifelong and incurable conditions.

Although she is a endometriosis sufferer herself she dedicates so much time and effort to the charity that they say they would not be able to provide the service without her.

Carol is said to be a invaluable advocate for endometriosis sufferers who struggle with benefit and employment traumas and a superb speaker for the charity. Recently, she gave a moving and informative Ted Talk to raise awareness. "

So please vote using your phone, laptops, tablets: and pass it around your circles...

We often laugh that the reason we are not on anti-depressants is because of volunteering and I think there is some truth in that. I certainly need the charity far more than it needs me, the knowledge that I might be helping and am giving back is enough to help me sleep at night. So as well as this blog post being a plug for the amazing Carol to win as she so deserves to, if you feel like many of us do like you want to do something, visit the Endo UK website and see what volunteering capacity may suit you; from being trained up on the helpline to hosting a pink pants tea party we need you and I highly recommend its therapeutic benefits. I find it comforting because by actively and positively doing something out of my pain, I am elevating myself from that horrid victim status. It takes time to regroup and have enough of yourself to then give in this capacity so if you aren't up to it yet or simply do not have the energy, do not feel guilty, you have to be in the right frame of mind, maybe you can just plug awareness in your own circles.
Keep tapping at that wall,


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